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France, 2010

Production : Seb Coupy, Bertrand Larrieu

Programmed by Julia Pinget




France’s 2007 presidential elections… How do we look at election posters? And how do they look at us? Portraits of portraits.

Tënk's opinion

A face that inspires confidence, a colour that represents the horizon for something new, a background that evokes rural France or modernity… “Vu le Candidat” deciphers presidential election campaign posters and the charm offensive that decorates spaces in towns and villages at regular intervals. How do these posters create icons that can arouse desire, beyond what the image shows? This darkly funny exercise in image interpretation is an eminently political exercise that translates an image into vision of the country and its inhabitants.  And the candidates are seen as the embodiment of power exposing the belief in tutelary figures, printed on glossy paper, and guaranteed to chill us in light of the timelessness of this ritual.

Julia Pinget

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Item 1 of 4

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