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Greece, 1989

Original music : Nikos Kypourgos Production : Greek Television ET-1, Mirino Films

Programmed by The Douarnenez Festival team



People and struggles in Greece


“ROM” is an avant-garde film produced for national Greek television after several years of negotiations to convince them to fund a film about the situation of Romani people in Greece. It was the first time the word “Rom” was used in Greek society and this caused problems with Greek television, which censured the film when it was first broadcast in 1989. The commission believed that the film was insulting to Greek society and that it hurt religious feelings." (M.K.)

Tënk's opinion

Menelaos Karamaghiolis strives to retrace the evolution of the Gypsy people in Europe, Greece in particular, through four different yet overlapping stories, in no specifically linear movement. Traditional Gypsy tales alternate with scenes of real, modern Romani life, highlighting the particularities of their traditions through religious or magical rituals, weddings and funeral ceremonies, celebrations and work. It is a genuine cinematographic jewel bearing witness to the history of the control, genocide and visual sovereignty of Romani families. "ROM" is an essential film which calls into question Greece’s national identity.

The Douarnenez Festival team


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