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France, 2012

Production : La Compagnie des Indes



Festival dei Popoli 2021

Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval's films


The documentation of the Avignon Theatre Festival in 2003 becomes an opportunity to take stock of contemporary theatre and its ability to still adhere to the utopia of Jean Vilar’s will. An almost ‘daydream’ into the power of live entertainment.

Tënk's opinion

In July 2003, fifty-six years after Jean Vilar created the Festival d’Avignon, Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller succeeded him as co-directors, expressing their desire to revive their founding father’s original utopia in new forms. They brought in some of the most emblematic directors and actors from contemporary theatre, including Simon McBurney, Thomas Ostermeier, Romeo Castellucci, Dieudonné Niangouna, Stanislas Nordey, Arthur Nauzyciel and Christophe Honoré. The artists open a dialogue with the two co-directors, the Ministers of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand and Aurélie Filipetti, and anonymous and famous spectators. The documentation of the event becomes an opportunity to take stock of contemporary theatre and its ability to continue to adhere to Jean Vilar’s utopia. At the centre of the film, however, is not the theory of performance but rather the exchange generated between artists and audience in a continuous alternating of words that pass from the story of an artistic process to the elaboration of a new meaning by the audience. A dream-like account of the power of live performance.

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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