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United-States, 2016

Production : Memory

Programmed by Jean-Sébastien Chauvin



Net Found Footage


Assembled from over 100 hours of home movies shot by an unknown man of his family over a period of seven years and uploaded to Youtube, Fraud is a daringly innovative work – a found footage thriller – that reveals one family’s struggle for the American Dream and the nature of truth in the internet age.

Tënk's opinion

Right at the beginning, an insert states that the images shown in “Fraud” were found on YouTube, as though this simple announcement gives the movie the seal of truth like those films that are “based on a true story”. It’s true, all the images here are “real” but does that mean they tell the entire truth? In a way, “Fraud” is a distant, digital cousin of Orson Welles’ “F for Fake”, testing our suspect desire to believe in an edifying story that’s funny yet sinister, where an average American family fiddles the insurance company so that it can continue its childish consumption of nothingness. The passing of days embedded in the image itself suggests imminent disaster; the neurotic delight of the characters, the sudden appearance of a worried face and the epileptic editing intensify this crazy restlessness creating a whirlpool where true and false, the extraordinary and the mundane, merge together…

Jean-Sébastien Chauvin
Film critic and director

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