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United-States, 2018

Production : Monoduo Films


A philosophical investigation into the nature of humanity, art, creativity, being, and purpose. As much a visual poem as a documentary, the film oscillates from present to past and weaving intimate glimpses of the world renowned jazz percussionist’s fascinating cosmology with blistering performances from around the globe.

Tënk's opinion

The very first film devoted to the percussionist and avant-garde jazz pioneer Milford Graves. The acupuncturist and professor was the inventor of “Yara”, a martial art inspired by Kung Fu Tang Lang (Full Mantis) and traditional West African dance. He also studied the human heart to understand the healing potential of “heart music”. This multi-award winning documentary depicts Milford Graves’ artistic journey and research. A film about art, creativity and, obviously, the essence of music itself, which goes way beyond a mere musical documentary. Essential viewing!

Richard Berthou
Co-programmer for the Musical écran Festival

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