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Argentina, 2019

Production : Marilina Giménez, Florencia Jaworowski


French, English, Italian, German

Musicians: Carefully Chosen Portraits


“I changed the bass for the camera,” says Marilina Giménez, who until 2013 and for six years played in the band Yilet with two girlfriends. That is the framework in which her autobiographical and choral documentary film was conceived. Its gender perspective confronts several dilemmas: Which is the women’s role in the current music scene? What happens when women make the music they choose? What happens when their bodies on stage are sensual and aggressive? A night tour through Buenos Aires, where different voices are part of “A Girl’s Band”.

Tënk's opinion

With her queer, feminist chronicle of Argentina’s punk, rock and cumbia scene, Marilina Giménez convincingly shares the reality experienced by female musicians, record producers and activists. She offers her insider’s view from behind the scenes of this artistic production that takes place without cis men. She depicts the joys and torments of life on tour from inherent sexism to jubilant sisterhood, to a backdrop of impassioned feminist struggles against a conservative political regime. In this journey into Buenos Aires’ nightlife and other international festivals, old timers like The She-Devils play with stones and bottles, icons Las Taradas and Kumbia Queers give a fresh, post-punk, queer take on traditional South American rhythms and Chocolate Remix and Miss Bolivia reinvent reggaeton with explicit, hard-hitting lyrics. An exhilarating musical and political documentary!

Richard Berthou
Co-programmer for the Musical écran Festival

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