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France, 2017

Production : Les Films Pelléas, BANDE À PART FILMS, Orange Studio, Opéra national de Paris

Programmed by Éva Tourrent

French, English, German




A season behind the scenes of the Paris Opera. Passing from dance to music, in an ironic to and fro, buoyant and cruel, ‘Opera’ stages human passions and tells the story of slices of life, in the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious lyrical institutions.

Tënk's opinion

After a delve into the wheels of the Swiss parliament in ‘A Small Helvetic Genius’, and into American justice in ‘Cleveland versus Wall Street’, Jean-Stéphane Bron reveals in the very first images of this film - a huge tricolour flag hoisted on a roof - that he is taking us to a place where a great role in France’s prestige is played. From behind the scenes, the Paris Opera is as much akin to an anthill as it is to a cruise liner. We find ourselves rubbing shoulders with a director cum captain, a young Russian tenor ready to make his grand entry, and, above all, a myriad of the small yet necessary functions that keep the whole machine moving. And we easily lose ourselves in this whirlwind of effort and intrigue, where individual and collective destinies collide. At any given moment, a bad cold or a forthcoming strike can prevent the show from going ahead, annihilating all these efforts. Bron exposes all the things that ultimately allow for grace and emotion, and for a grand show indeed.

Éva Tourrent
Responsable artistique de Tënk

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