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France, 2005

Production : Les films Hatari

Programmed by Benoît Hické




A cinematographic UFO made up of sketches for which singer Philippe Katerine mobilises friends and family. From beneath the light-hearted exterior emerge the more serious themes of fantasy, death and childhood.

Tënk's opinion

We thought we knew everything there is to know about singer Philippe Katerine’s obsessions, since he’s been revealing them for 30 years in his zany, virtuoso songs. But his latest, “mignonisme” – in which he revives his talent as a draughtsman – shouldn’t overshadow his passion for excrement or a highly sexualised examination of the suburban landscape where he grew up. “Peau de Cochon” returns to the tradition of films made up of sketches. Here, Katerine (acts and) gets his daughter to act. There, he rummages through the archives of his best friend Dominique A. Later on, he cobbles together stories specially for us, on the pretext of testing the camera. Above all, he describes his life on tour with his musicians at the time, the Little Rabbits, his accomplices who enthusiastically join in the improvisation. We’re often reminded of Alain Cavalier in this highly personal filmmaking, with blurry images and complicit voiceovers. An artificially amateurish film that, with dark humour, squeezes reality and fiction to give us this very peculiar juice with a certain retro charm.



Benoît Hické
Programmer and professor



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