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Germany, 2017

Production : Arden Film

Programmed by Jürgen Ellinghaus

German, French

French, English



“Denk’ ich an Deutschland in der Nacht” (from a famous poem, “If I think of Germany at Night, It puts all thoughts of sleep to flight…” by Heinrich Heine, a German Romantic poet from the 19th century who spent half his life in exile in Paris) is an encounter with five electronic music pioneers: Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, Ata, Roman Flügel and David Moufang aka Move D. Between Berlin, Geneva and Heidelberg, with laid back conversations with awesome hackers in hypnotic sequences in trance clubs, Romuald Karmakar takes stock of this computer-assisted music that’s polymorphous, unpredictable and infinite, along with the new forms of socialising that have arisen in the now deterritorialised world of techno.

Tënk's opinion

What are the keys to the success of this wave that’s washed over the world since the 1990s (“like a virus”, as one of the protagonists says) to the point where it rivals Germany’s automobile industry (whose precision it shares, says another)? The great comeback of rhythm (“the lowest common denominator of a new community of values”, explains a third), and the roots and evolutions of recent musical practices that the director has followed and filmed for almost 20 years (his “196 bpm”, observations in the wings of Berlin’s 2002 Love Parade) are examined and narrated here by various celebrities from the techno scene. But it’s not only their reflections that Karmakar shares with us, it’s also their ear; by alternating sound recordings from venues and recordings from his headphones, in long, meticulously framed shots of the moving, nocturnal crowds , he lets us slip into the ear of the DJs, and follow, live, the enhancement of their musical raw material. 

Jürgen Ellinghaus

In partnership with Festival International du Film de La Roche-sur-Yon and Sublimages.

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