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France, 1994

Production : Les Films d'Ici, La Sept Arte, Alternate Current, RTBF - Radio Télévision Belge Francophone, Centre Pompidou

Programmed by Daniel Deshays

French, English




Hollywood – Georges Delerue’s favourite haunt. What could possibly have led this composer, whose musical culture and sensitivity were so very French, to this most American of places? Why did so many of Hollywood’s greatest directors call on Delerue’s talent? This documentary explores the interactions between French and Hollywood film cultures through Delerue’s collaboration with François Truffaut, Philippe de Broca, Fred Zinneman, Mike Nichols and Oliver Stone.

Tënk's opinion

Georges Delerue, a paragon composer of constantly surprising classicism, guides us in this story. Shortly after his death, the man is brought back to life by editors and directors, the people who decided where to put his music. Three hundred and fifty films, from “Hiroshima Mon Amour” to “Jules and Jim”, from “Contempt” to “”Love”, “The Conformist”, “That Most Important Thing: Love” and “The Last Metro” – this is the man whose work has merged with so many iconic images, altering them. He manages to remind us of so many scenes, so many fragile moments that still roam in our memories. His music is, he said, “that extra something” that’s required when, after placing the voices and sounds, there’s still something missing; “a re-write, that allows you to enter into the shadow area”, adds Oliver Stone. “Too much music kills the music”, concludes Delerue – a pinnacle of modest power.

Daniel Deshays
Sound Engineer

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