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France, 1990

Production : La Cinquième

Programmed by Pierre Oscar Lévy




Portrait of Pierre Schaeffer (1910-1995), a pioneer of concrete music, graduate, researcher, broadcaster, pedagoge, defender of interdisciplinarity and of reflection on modes and systems of expression, such as usage of the media. The compilation unrolls via a montage of archive images, testimonies, and extracts from works in which he collaborated.

Tënk's opinion

Here is a film we all should see! One we might take for the most classical and banal of television programmes, the portrait of a rather condescending master. Yet, it rather resembles a modern mash-up, with just one difference: the extracts taken from certain programmes are not excessively ‘cut’. It is, above all, a magnificent reflection on the ordeal of the image- and sound-maker’s profession, one that helps us understand that ‘you need to work your instrument’ and that tragedy is all around us. And that no one wants to actually reflect on television (a simple object aimed at broadcasting, no different from YouTube or from Tënk). In a nutshell, this programme - that certain may snub - asks some contemporary questions, ones that are pertinent here, within this documentary film broadcasting structure. Yet, I must admit having worked myself for the research department and that, in 1965, I often took a trip to "La Jetée".




Pierre Oscar Lévy




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