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France, 2016

Production : La Huit

Programmed by François Waledisch





A daily insight into the progress of a concerto for cello and symphonic wind ensemble, from writing to completion. The composer tries his hand, uses trial and error, grumbles, and rejoices. The conductor unveils the sheet music, with the words, “First look at it like a painting, from afar.” The cellist smiles, saying, “The solo for cello looks puzzling!” “180 crotchets a minute! But that’s impossible!” the musicians exclaim in harmony. Indeed, the composer had warned the conductor “that his tempi were always too fast”.

Tënk's opinion

Black; ‘takatata*takatatakata…’. From the composer’s head to the boundaries of execution, never has the work on a musical composition been revealed in such detail. Composer, orchestra director, solist and players of different instruments all contribute towards delivering their own, self-filmed progression, to the caring hands of the editing team. Each of them participates in forming a mosaic of sequences that intertwine with those of more controlled filmmaking. Priceless contributions that act as a counterpoint to Fellini’s magnificent “Prova d’orchestra”, hence reversing the composition’s narration, which starts in exaltation to end in chaos. The documentary is nonetheless akin to Fellini’s work in the intensity and sharp human comedy that transpire from the film and that likely will convince the most reticent to contemporary music to indulge in viewing.

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer

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Item 1 of 4