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Italy, 2020

Production : Indiana Production SPA, Rai Cinema

Programmed by Daniela Persico



Mostra de Venise 2020 - Sélection "Journée des auteurs"

Movies from the Venice Film Festival


On the eve of the pandemic, I learned I was very sick. Practically at the same time, my best friend, whom I’d lost touch with, became sick herself, and this brought us together again. Springing from a sequence of unimaginable events, this film took shape in a new world and in lockdown, and was made exclusively using my mobile phone. It investigates the power of storytelling, which is able to dispel the fear of living and dying, and it probes the mystery of every friendship, every faith.

Tënk's opinion

In the early days of the pandemic, contemplations about life suddenly became part of our day. This introspection was even more profound for those who, like the author, found themselves facing illness, alone, in mandatory isolation. This journey that begins as a diary unfolds into a soul’s wandering between the fear of dying and the possibility of trusting others. The spiritual conversion also becomes an awareness of her own “being of this world”; her capacity to love and feel loved; and the line between feeling like a child again whilst still being on a level with her parents (in this case, the famous Italian architect and designer Massimiliano Fuksas). This airy flight through a complicated period of life is ultimately liberated in a message of love addressed to a friend – a secular prayer about the beauty and mystery of our lives.

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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