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France, 2012

Original music : Arnaud Deshayes Production : Érik Bullot

Programmed by Claire Lasolle

French, English

Lost in Translation


Made as a teaching exercise, this film is a poetic variation about language and faux amis or false friends or cognates in French and English. Readings of poems, lists of false friends and absurd conversations are some of the linguistic proposals in this movie shot at Buffalo University in the USA with the complicity of students, artists and the poets Tony Conrad, Steve McCaffery and Karen Mac Cormack.

Tënk's opinion

Does a picture speak a thousand words? Not in “Faux Amis”, which throws itself into the shifts in meaning from English to French and from French to English in the words known in French as “faux amis”. The pleasure of language inspires this brief and mischievous essay, language declined in all its forms from grammatical exercises to performative speech. Faux Amis pays tribute to language by allowing itself all kinds of deviations. The community that Erick Bullot gathers together here – students, poets and friends – exuberantly performs homonyms and differences. In a deceptively studious setting, repetition, substitution and variation are the linguistic operations from which poetry and music emanate in an endeavour to liberate words.

Claire Lasolle
Videodrome 2

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