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Belgium,France, 2015

Production : Paradise films, Artemis productions



Locarno 2015 - Compétition internationale

Locarno Film Festival


“This film is above all about my mother, my mother who is no longer with us. About this woman who arrived in Belgium in 1938, fleeing Poland, the pogroms and the violence. This woman who is only ever seen inside her apartment. An apartment in Brussels. A film about a world in motion that my mother does not see.”

Tënk's opinion

“’There’s nothing to say’, my mother used to say. And this ‘nothing’ is what I’m working on. I’ve talked about my mother so much when discussing my films, and I’ve worked so many years for her, around her, in relation to her.” Chantal Akerman’s final film is built around the figure of her mother, around her old age and demise. In small ways, it reveals what she discreetly embodies of our dark History, there in the everyday life in her flat. Sometimes the shots crash into the walls, resonating with the overflowing emotion, thick behind the camera. Akerman sticks to what she’s obsessed with, and the film says something about what’s been one of her driving forces. When the conversations take place via screens online, the reflection of the filmmaker is superimposed onto her mother’s face. Akerman, on the radio, adds “I really thought I could speak for my mother in retrospect; did I actually think I could do it? Sometimes.”

Charlène Dinhut
Programmer and curator

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