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Germany, France, Algeria, 2017

Original music : Cosmic Neman, Dr Schonberg Production : Centrale électrique

Programmed by Olivia Cooper Hadjian

Arabic, French, Greek, English

French, English

Locarno Film Festival


In 1860, the Algerian Sahara was highly coveted. With archives from the early scientific expeditions and domestication campaigns conducted by French colonisers in North Africa, “Le Fort des Fous” follows a community of young nomads and adventurers as they imagine a utopian society in reaction to the imperialist system. Re-enactments, improvisations and interviews are carried out with inhabitants from Algiers, Kythera Island and Athens’ Prosfygika community to describe an alternative timeframe and an autonomous area, discussing transmission and the re-appropriation of history, and rekindling memories of the past to use as resistance strategies.

Tënk's opinion

In three parts, “Le Fort des Fous” shows how colonial Algeria resonates with contemporary, crisis-ridden Greece. The music by Cosmic Neman and Dr Schonberg accentuates the ambiguous atmosphere of the film’s first section, which reproduces the duplicity of efforts to subordinate that might, deceptively, seem like mere games. From this elliptic and almost wordless series of scenes to the final extensive interviews, two faces of domination echo each other… The arrogance of a society that sees it as its duty to civilise another society is answered by an economic structure that neglects the lives on which it is founded.

Olivia Cooper Hadjian
Member of the Cinéma du Réél Selection Committee, critic for Critikat


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