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Portugal, 1982

Production : Institut du cinéma portugais - Instituto Português de Cinema - IPC, Manoel de Oliveira

Programmed by François Waledisch





“Visit or Memories and Confessions” is a film and testimony which Manoel de Oliveira indicated would not be screened until after his death. Produced in 1982, when he was aged 74, it consequently only reached the screens 30 years later. The film tells of the importance of the film director’s house throughout his life. From a visit of the property to his confessions - or memories - from beyond the grave, the film-maker tells the story of his family, his married life, Catholicism, purity, politics, cinema, etc.

Tënk's opinion

What share of sincerity can we expect from these ‘Confessions’ that come to us from beyond the grave, and that are portrayed via such a readily manipulative media?
After the opening credits, entirely spoken in the first person, followed by magnificent scenes that explore the family home, the spectator can fully grasp this fine work as a construction aimed at cleansing conscience. Patience is required before grasping towards what form of radicality of the truth De Oliveira seeks to lead us. In the following scene, he handles a projector and comments archive footage. Then, the humming projector accompanies a plethora of comments by the author, even off-camera. Far from a gentle purr, this constant noise imposes a strikingly tense sonority that invites the spectator, who, through this uncomfortable listening experience is placed in the throes of an unremitting battle. The film-maker and projectionist of this ultimate film also tells us (as he gradually lets the sound of Beethoven diminish) that this battle is his own truth, up to the very last images.

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer

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