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Italy, 1955

Programmed by François Waledisch


French, English



Le centre de la Sicile regorge de mines de soufre. À cinq cents mètres sous le niveau du sol, à peine protégés, mal équipés, les mineurs s’épuisent et souffrent pour l’extraire des entrailles de la terre. Parfois les galeries se mettent à gronder et leurs gestes se suspendent.

Tënk's opinion

In the 1950s, while de Seta was killing time, waiting for the rushes of his film, he decided to play at being "sound mixer", re-recording the scenes he’d filmed, and combining them with new sounds, such as work songs, the noise of household tasks and other music. He then made a rough-cut of all these recordings. Was it the imposed wait that pushed this advance soundtrack to such thrilling and expressive heights? This film has a rare energy: devoid of dialogue, each detail stands out, especially the fortissimo silences. 

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