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France, 2006

Production : Love Streams Agnès b. Productions

Programmed by François Waledisch





At the furthermost bounds of a frozen sea, a boat approaches a land. Human silhouettes come out of it, they appear strange. From their immutable world, the ice, the stones and the animals of Greenland witness the arrival of scientists who come a summer to study them.

Tënk's opinion

When, more than an hour into the film, the first articulated words are heard, the viewer has probably been wondering about the meaning of the title for quite a while. Are these “men” the embodiment of the species then?
Thanks to an artistic blend of sounds, images and their durations, this film encourages meditation, combining speculation and contemplation. The audio material plays a significant role in our reflection. In the constant presence of marine elements and wind, any impact of presence stimulates our thinking… Nature or nurture? Exploration or intrusion? Space or space-time?

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer

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