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France, 2017

Original music : Pierre-Marie Blind Production : Pyramide production

Programmed by François Waledisch

English, Indonesian

French, English



In Indonesia, the former political prisoners of Suharto’s regime have been silenced for 50 years despite democracy. Through a symbolic people’s tribunal organized in The Hague, as well as a trip to the archipelago to meet them, the victims of the regime finally express themselves on their terrible experience. Then, one of the most important crimes against humanity of the 20th century is revealed.

Tënk's opinion

Two spaces, two treatments. The Hague Tribunal: the sterility of a trial’s outcome is represented in the scroll of black and white photos and the too-perfect resonance of the dubbed voices. Indonesia, the crime scene: the director films the terrifying testimonies. With slightly out-of-sync sound, the film creates an atmosphere of insidious menace oozing from the facts evoked, and also expresses the topicality of a malaise more than sixty years after the events. Towards the end of the film, right in the middle of his sentence, a survivor stops… is it because he’s looking for the right word, or overwhelmed by emotion, suddenly unable to speak, or a soliloquy? This long, motionless silence, moving away from the doubt instilled until then by the soundtrack, ends in a simple plea: that light be officially shed on this past in order to move forward in a present where the mists have cleared.

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer

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