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France, 1996

Production : Les Films de l'Astrophore

Programmed by François Waledisch





A filmmaker meets a woman. In little snippets, he records moments of their life, objects and places with his video camera. After a year of shooting, 75 minutes of video tell the story of a bond woven in everyday life – companionship enhanced by desire.

Tënk's opinion

First of all, silence, or almost… Constantly, throughout the film, “the synchronous atmosphere” of the shot, through its shifts or duration, reveals the variety of colours of generally anonymous backgrounds.
As for the image – a reflection, a blur, a shadow or a mouth sketch a fleeting presence. We don’t see the faces of Alain Cavalier and his sweetheart in their monologues or dialogues. The impression of hearing a classic voiceover is soon dispelled by the revelation of an off-camera played live. In the intimacy of the camera, the variation of presences, dynamics, spaces marked by voices and the even the limitations of the micro-camera recording automatically all beckon a loving ear.
in addition to the embryonic love of the couple on screen, a space to listen as open as this invites us to see in a different light – and to revel in – the fertile relationship between sound and image!

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer

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