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France, 2018

Production : Survivance, L' Oumigmag

Programmed by Daniel Deshays

Créole guyanais

French, Englisk



A village like an island in the middle of a huge swamp in a tropical area. A flooded savannah plain crossed by herds of zebus grazing floating grass carpets. Fishy black waters sheltering strange animals. Cornelia takes her canoe to gather in her nets atipas, yayas, and coulons, while in the distance the gauchos gather the cows. Antonia remembers the time when she also drove her canoe fastly on the black waters. Now her canoe is broken and her bones too worn to be able to carry her. She shares her joys and sorrows with the spirits around her. She sings Kasékò, this music invented by the slaves of French Guiana and transmitted from generation to generation until today.

Tënk's opinion

This could have been a sound creation in its own right, without the visual experience; nevertheless, the images we’re offered in no way detract from listening to it – instead, they reinforce the suspense residing in these spaces. The remarkable thing about this film, which keeps its distance from any picturesque dimension, is the way in which it listens to the silences for their duration. The images are inhabited by listening to the voices that seem, like the fauna, to emerge from the depths of time. Henri Michaux talked about “resembling nature”, but here, everything is profoundly natural.

Daniel Deshays
Sound engineer

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