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France, 2002

Production : Le Mur du son cinéma

Programmed by Daniel Deshays


Antoine Bonfanti is one of the most “activist” sound engineers of his generation. He worked with the greatest film directors. Professor at the INSAS in Brussels, he also taught generations of sound engineers around the world, from Cuba to Angola, and in many countries where making film is a struggle.

Tënk's opinion

The film opens with mixing using the tool perfected by Bonfanti’s friend Jean Nény: a chase of lights announcing the arrival of the sounds and a reverse feature to check the recorded levels. Throughout his life, “Bonbon” helped and encouraged political filmmaking on every continent. He did the sound and mixing for films by Godard, Marker, Duras, Resnais, Carné, Pollet, Debord, Klein, Truffaut, Ivens, Mocky, Clément, Cavalier, Gitaï, Delvaux, Vautier, Varda, Bertolucci, Vecchiali, Ruiz, Sentier, Garrel, Jacquot, Rivette and many others; and also for Oury, since Louis de Funes couldn’t be dubbed in post-production. He founded the French school of Direct Sound, and his influence is as present as ever.

Daniel Deshays
Sound Engineer

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