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French, 2019

Production : The Kingdom


The house welcomes the living, wise people, and crazy people. It welcomes the rain, the winds, without judging, without putting labels on beings. It lets weeds grow and walls crumble. Magical. The house taught me the odors of wood, rust, and motor oil. It allowed me to hear how a piano and a cello sing, Bach and Gurdjieff. The memories it holds continue to shape me, like bricks of my own home.

Tënk's opinion

"The house is alive. It breathes to the rhythm of the draughts and cries that penetrate it, the nature that grows within its walls, the spring that flows in its depths. It was once a thermal baths establishment, bought up by Nestlé who exploited it before abandoning it without pity.
The house is a body that throbs in unison with its occupants, that vibrates to the sound of the piano, the laughter and the arguments. It’s brought to life by the desire of a man who dreams of giving it back its splendour and preserving its abundant soul.
The house is an endless building site where, at times, everything wobbles. As both observer and participant, Mali Arun guides us through the meanders of this fragile endeavour where free thinking, music and poetry flow from one room to another. "

Jocelyne Bany, Marie-Pomme Carteret, Elise Demarbre et Gisèle Garreau
Programmers for Ty Films.

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