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France, 2017

Original music : Aurélie Vial Production : Université Aix-Marseille - Master "Métiers du film documentaire"

Programmed by Jimmy Deniziot


Three women aged between 23 and 30, and they’ve all had abortions. Filmed behind closed doors in a bedroom created for the occasion, the documentary examines their personal journeys. Between the discussions, as an echo, the director’s own experience is inserted with the diary she kept while she, too, was having an abortion.

Tënk's opinion

The 1st person narrative that opens the film tells us with admirable economy what it’s about: finding out, the abortion, the external and internal violence, the feeling of being on the edge of an abyss, and the painful memory that can never be soothed.
The reverse angle of this account, the young women’s words, is a lot more than a recording of interviews – it’s also a healing process. Marion Friscia creates a refuge for these bodies and voices, something that was denied them at the time, caught up in a tangle of violence from their friends and family, from themselves, and from institutions (making them listen to the foetus’ heart without permission, preventing them from lying on a bed during the procedure).
In parallel, the film gives images to the director’s attempt to recover her own body, which can only be symbolised among the other women, warding off the humiliation and solitude.

Jimmy Deniziot
Pre-selector for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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