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France, 2019

Original music : Maurane Andrianaivo Production : Université Aix-Marseille - Master "Métiers du film documentaire"

Programmed by Jimmy Deniziot


Three spaces. A very organised daily life, the theatre to explore his imagination, and a bedroom to meet. Sitting on his bed, Robin, who suffers from learning difficulties, tells his story. During this encounter, his extraordinary approach to life challenges both our rapport with otherness and our own perception of the world.

Tënk's opinion

A film that’s called “Not For Real”, that starts with theatre and offers up a private bedroom, warns us that sometimes it’s a good idea to set boundaries between acting, real life and our emotions – for self-protection, maybe – even if these boundaries are an illusion…
By diverting downtime with Robin’s often insolent piece-to-cameras, his defiant poses, and the interaction between him and the camera, the film sets up its focus – by giving space to these live actions, Mona Maire opens up some unexpected breaches in her film.
What’s more, she gives it superb movement. From the initial glimpse of Robin acting on stage, then in front of the camera, she gradually gets something to emerge. Something other than acting, something other than life. The hug we see him giving, the frolicking, that’s for real. And that’s what makes it beautiful.

Jimmy Deniziot
Pre-selector for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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Item 1 of 4

Item 1 of 4