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Italy, 1975

Original music : Nicola Piovani Production : 11 Marzo Cinematografica

Programmed by Daniela Persico



Invité d'honneur - Visions du réel 2022

Les films de Marco Bellocchio


Three young people leave a psychiatric hospital to lead a “normal” life working in a factory. They discuss their outlook for the future. In 1968, alarmed by the catastrophic state of public psychiatry in Italy, Parma’s communist city council appointed Mario Tommasini, a former gas worker, to run the mental health sector and reorganise and revolutionise it. This political initiative was inspired by Franco Basaglia – a critic of mental asylums and the instigator of “deinstitutionalisation” – and marked the beginning of a vast undertaking to socially integrate patients.

Tënk's opinion

Initially entitled “Nessuno o Tutti” (All or Nothing) in reference to Brecht, this documentary is one of the most militant films by Marco Bellocchio, who’s always been attentive to society’s prejudices regarding mental illness, and their symbolic repercussions. Moving away from the prescribed model of reporting, the film opens with scenes not far off from direct cinema. It follows the story of some young offenders who’ve left the remand centre to go straight to an asylum. Their hard-hitting accounts alternate with moments of collective denunciation, claiming that the protagonists’ malaise and suffering are nothing but the product of a corrupt and sick social structure. A collective film that’s a manifesto for Basaglia’s ideas in which the different sensitivities of the intellectuals involved in this cause are superbly illustrated.  

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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