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Italy, 2002

Production : Rai Com

Programmed by Jérémie Jorrand



Les films de Marco Bellocchio


Late in 2000, with the approach of the centennial of the death of Verdi, the idea emerged to produce a film about the composer of La Traviata and his relationship with the city of Piacenza, where he was from. Director Marco Bellochio tried to track down old melodies through the inhabitants of Piacenza, convinced he would thus uncover the roots of Verdi’s music and his melodramas. But, most of all, he sought out the place where the singers and chorus members used to meets every Tuesday morning to sing.

Tënk's opinion

In "Farewell to the Past", Marco Bellocchio presents the city of Piacenza where Verdi is on the tip of every tongue. In a teenager’s bedroom, in splendid palaces, before a starched audience, seated in the simplest restaurant, they all sing lyrical songs. One of the most famous opera tunes in history is a shared institution, an integral part of the collective memory, which becomes a deep-rooted pretext for sharing. And it is of no consequence if the voice is not the purest, if it exhales great age or young years. The first girl to sing is just 15. Others are around 80. And all of these voices are sometimes reunited through editing, in one single musical movement. The last, tragic moments of La Traviata, ‘Farewell, the beautiful smiling dreams of the past, ‘says Violetta, the ‘lost’ - or should we say ‘free’ woman? - in the title, just before her last breath. A breath that, through song, the inhabitants of Pacienza, return to its owner.



Jérémie Jorrand
Responsable de l'éditorial et de la programmation de Tënk



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