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Chile, 2012

Production : Agüero & Asociado

Programmed by Arnaud Hée



Les films de Ignacio Agüero


The filmmaker’s house has a door that faces the street. This door separates the inner space and the outer space. The inner space contains the personal story of the filmmaker and his world of objects, imagination and thoughts. The outer space contains the city of Santiago de Chile. The stories from the world inside the house are interrupted as strangers ring the doorbell, and in so doing, enter the film.

Tënk's opinion

Using his home for the film’s location, “El Otro Día” is like one of those motionless journeys where a home territory becomes the movie’s brain, a mental space that’s an extension of the filmmaker’s brain, and the imagination and the memories that inhabit it. Over a year, a melancholy almanac unfurls with the days and hours of sunlight, the infusion of time. Books mature and classical music echoes in this inner garden while in the garden outside, a cat strolls, birds peck and chirp, and the vegetation obeys the seasons. But this is in no way the withdrawal of a misanthropist because the rules of the game are to welcome anyone who knocks on his door, and visit them in their own neighbourhoods; “El Otro Día” champions a moving towards, a reaching out to the Other, an irresistible urge to shift the focus geographically and socially.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic


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