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Chile, 1982

Original music : Jaime de Aguirre, Juan Francisco Vargas Production : Grupo Memoria-Aida, Agüero & Asociado

Programmed by Arnaud Hée



Les films de Ignacio Agüero


Filmed secretly during the dictatorship, the film chronicles a terrible episode in Chile’s history: the kidnapping and murder of five men whose bodies were only found after five years of searching. This is the first time in Chile that official information has been divulged. A true act of resistance.

Tënk's opinion

Alongside five widows, Agüero fiercely sets forms of persistence – names, graves, traces in the landscape of these lives cut short by Pinochet’s dictatorship – against the oblivion, eradication and disappearances. Like a meticulous mapmaker, he introduces something essential into his films, incorporating the movie into the topography and toponymy. Here, the film is a tool used to unveil… the words and images give an account, testify – there’s an extremely poignant moment when two protagonists, staring fixedly, totally focused, handle the slides. For his first movie, made for his film-school graduation, Ignacio Agüero gives us a courageous combat, selfless and humble and without any posturing, imprecations or militant sabre-rattling.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic


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