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Germany, 2017

Production : HFF Munchen

Programmed by Luc-Carolin Ziemann


English, French

Les films de HFF Munchen


A film about European animal protection laws, German Armed Forces foreign operations and a seized turtle, whose shell is adorned with the flag of the Syrian rebels. All converge at a reptile rescue centre in Munich.

Tënk's opinion

The turtle Ayse and her owner Kinda find refuge in Germany after fleeing from Syria. Because the Species Protection Ordinance does not allow Kinda to keep her beloved pet whose shell is painted with the flag of the syrian rebels, she brings it to a rescue center in Munich. In this location, very different realities intersect. The head of the station tries to explain german laws to a woman who fled a war without any rules. Soldiers overcome their fear of dangerous animals they could face during deployment in foreign countries. The bureaucracy itself seems to care more about the well-being of animals than of humans.
This multi perspective short film uses an uncommon location to make hidden acquaintances visible and explores the connection between animals, mankind and war. It opens spaces for reflection about the causes and effects of violence and the question of who defines laws and borders and who benefits from them.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Curator, author and film educator

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