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Czech Republic, 2012

Production : Ceská Televize / Czech Television, Negativ, Aerofilms

Programmed by Arnaud Hée


French, English

Les Films de Helena Třeštíková


Honza was born in 1974 into the cheerless era of socialism in Czechoslovakia. At that time, his parents Jana and Petr lived in one room in the apartment of Jana’s divorced mother and her widowed grandmother. A few years later, the family moved from Prague to Liberec where Petr found a job and a little house for the family. When Honza was born, his father began writing a family chronicle and he has continued to do so for 37 years. “Private Universe“ show not only the life of one ordinary family, but also how the Czech society has changed in last four decades. Who are we, where do we come from and where do we go?

Tënk's opinion

Private Universe boasts all the facets of Helena Třeštíková’s accomplished trajectory, of the way in which she films over several years, this time covering almost four decades and three generations of the same sibship. She complexifies her cinema by integrating fragments of a diary kept by the father, distinguishing itself through the multiplicity of regimes, unveiling pages of history through scatterings of topical news in a style that is always dense and captivating. This composition highlights how life stories are written, through encounters spurred by fate or pure chance, through individuals, groups, major and lesser events, in the here and beyond – and not just the place where the feats of the Soviet spatial conquest fascinated Honza as a child. Just like Diderot’s fatalist, Jacques, we can ask ourselves, ‘And who was it that made the great scroll where everything is written?’

Arnaud Hée
Programmateur, enseignant et critique

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