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Czech Republic, 2015

Original music : Tadeáš Vercak Production : Negativ, Ceská Televize / Czech Television

Programmed by Arnaud Hée


French, English

Les Films de Helena Třeštíková


After unique time-lapse documentaries "Marcela", "René" and "Katka", Helena Třeštíková follows her main protagonist Mallory for 13 years. Life hasn’t been easy on Mallory but after the birth of her son she tries desperately to kick her drug habit, and to stop living on the street. She wants to turn her back on her dark past and help those she knows best – people on the fringes of society.

Tënk's opinion

Just like Helena Třeštíková’s other films, this one is a strikingly compressed slice of life. Editing is nervous, in fast scenes, always advancing through time, through existences. And this progression is a prerequisite for hope, among these shaded fates. Mallory’s life, marked by a rebellious childhood from punk to skinhead, promises to take a new direction after the birth of her son. Yet her path is far from rectilinear: it is a winding road, a painful one, via particularly unfortunate encounters with men. Welfare services and bureaucracy remind us that we are in the same town as that of a certain Franz Kafka. Yet hope appears, a horizon that is almost like a page of the Gospel: in order to help herself, Mallory must help others.



Arnaud Hée
Programmateur, enseignant et critique



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