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France, 1968

Production : Les Films du Losange

Programmed by Arnaud Hée


Les films de Éric Rohmer


The daily life and conditions of a teacher who married a farmer and now looks after the animals and milking as well as taking part in politics and unions.

Tënk's opinion

Like the young scientist in “A Modern Coed”, the main character in a male profession has to be both a wife and a worker. Her everyday life as a market gardener and livestock farmer – and former schoolteacher – is rendered as a kind of farming almanac. What we see doesn’t always correspond to the liberation she describes with her voice leading the narrative, the time lapse and dissonance extended by the rough-and-ready post-synchronisation. We have here a fundamental equation of a Rohmer character – the discrepancy between words and actions, between abstract and concrete, speculation and the materiality of the world. As with all these female portraits, it’s the shift that makes the difference, expressing evolution, movement and empowerment.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic

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