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Cuba, 2018

Production : EICTV (International Film and TV School)

Programmed by Jimmy Deniziot


French, English

Les films de EICTV Cuba


A radio transmits that Havana and nearby towns have fallen. Hundreds of young people dance in a bunker and a man whispers verses from the Bible at a railway station. Life explodes on a night of death.

Tënk's opinion

With their respective and not so different versions of collapse, the two other EICTV films programmed (“The Load” and “Amundsen’s Dogs”) set song, music and listening against the stories of our human community.
The more mysterious “El Cementerio se alumbra” is perhaps a subliminal epilogue to these two films, a testament to the meaning of our struggles and our lives.
If the cemetery of the title is lightened, it’s because the vitality of the dead, of dreams and utopias, constantly nourished, rises up from Limbo, fuelled by the vitality of youth.
This bright cemetery is perhaps the city seen by night; it might be this underground bunker for dancing; it could also be the starry sky above us, the mapping of our dead. Where, when distance and absence have been abolished, the light can reach us. Despite everything. But the closing poetry expresses it better…

Jimmy Deniziot
Pre-selector for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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