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Netherlands, 1968

Production : Lucid Eye Films

Programmed by Arnaud Hée



Johan van der Keuken's films


“Some fifteen filmmakers were asked to make a film series in relay-style for a very popular variety show on Dutch television: each new programme was to start from the final image of the previous programme, developing the story from that image using the codes of the crime thriller. I ‘sabotaged’ these codes, following a close-up of a pistol inherited from my predecessor with a series of “cosmic” observations of my cat, accompanied by a text on the need to innovate methods of expression and communication in cinema.” (Johan van der Keuken)

Tënk's opinion

Subverting and even, according to van der Keuken himself, sabotaging a collective film (a kind of game of “consequences” using the codes of the crime thriller, commissioned by television), “The Cat” is a political manifesto (the filmmaker choses his cat through love for the animal, but also because they don’t have police cats) and a meditation on his art. All is precisely dated in the credits: April 1968. Keuken starts out with the simplest of questions: what does an image do to sound, and vice versa. And narration? The film’s perspective is to imagine an art that’s not servile but liberating, opening the senses (and meanings) rather than the opposite, an art that transforms reality – cosmic art that contemplates the fact of being part of this world, but where the Milky Way merges into cat’s fur.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic
Claire Simon


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