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Netherlands, 1993

Production : Pieter Van Huystee Film & Tv (PVH Films)

Programmed by Arnaud Hée



Johan van der Keuken's films


Wind instruments set out on a triumphal pilgrimage from Europe, travelling all over the world together with armies, tradesmen and members of the Church. They conquered distant lands and enslaved their peoples. Unlike tom-toms, they worshiped a single God. The more curious among them eventually came together with tribal percussion, in a revival of jazz, rock and world music fusions.

Tënk's opinion

It’s said that Van der Keuken gave North-South relations a very thorough check-up, and this is certainly true. But Brass Unbound, like other films in the same vein, is a far cry from a leaden examination of a theme or subject… above all, it’s a journey in the finest sense of the word – encountering, experimenting, living, experiencing… and upon its return, conveying sensuously all that was experienced by van der Keuken and Nosh van der Lely (the filmmaker's companion and official sound recordist). Music is part of everyday life, and the question of work keeps coming back in multiple forms, right from the masterly opening sequence. The beauty of this polyphonic arrangement filmed in the four corners of the Earth in a profound and surprising reflection owes a lot to Keuken’s editing, which is inspired, dynamic and free, creating meaning and connections beyond the world’s physical and geographical coordinates.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic
Claire Simon


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