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France, 2021

Original music : Gloria Jacobsen Production : Cellulo Prod

Programmed by Alizée Mandereau


A small pond, its surface rippling with memories… Basile, his hands in the sludge, recalls his childhood – between a forest of ancient trees and the sunshine highway; the colourful whimsy of his little sister Hortense; the insular silences of their mother gardening in the greenhouse; water lilies and angry love.

Tënk's opinion

When they get too big, water lilies have to split without breaking their roots. It’s a dangerous exercise, but a vital one if they’re to continue to bloom. “Water Lily Split” is a film about childhood and family, crafted like a poem. We hear the eruptions of joy and the voices of Basile, Sandrine and Hortense. With tenderness and sincerity, Grégoire, the director but also a friend, films the family’s everyday life of mutual learning processes and construction. Each of them has to assert themselves, find their place or simply not neglect themselves. At times it stings, burns or wears them out, and they have to invent escape routes and get away to the other side of the shell – for distance, all the better to return and make up.

Alizée Mandereau
Head of production

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