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Switzerland, 2019

Production : SRG SSR, Box Productions

Programmed by Pierre Oscar Lévy





Nathan was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Now he’s better, before he was much worse. He films himself, his relatives at the hospital, his bipolar best friend, his father, his sister, his mother and his love between 2011 and 2018. For him, everyone is a “loulou”, in his own way. It is thanks to them that he finally begins to become a man instead of a madman.

Tënk's opinion

Scientists do experiments. Filmmakers – when they’re really filmmakers – seek to describe, to show in a new and personal way what we call “the real world”. “Getting closer to objectivity” as one of the protagonists says? It’s rare that the shots in a film create such an impression of immediacy; it’s rare that a film analyses itself while it’s being shot. Madmen, the filmmaker says, are “explorers of the invisible”… and so are filmmakers! Each shot, filmed in close-up, evokes a scientific experiment to understand how the brains of each and every one of us – and “mad” people too – constantly invent the world for ourselves alone. Like a film… and certainly a spectator experience! But is it science? Maybe not…

Pierre Oscar Lévy

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