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France, 2018

Production : Ardèche Images Production

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares

Kali'na, Wayana




This film is a voyage of initiation from the mouth of the Maroni to the hills of the Tumuc Humac at the Brazilian border. Going up river in search of Amerindians from Guyana and my identity, I address the essential aspects of the current economic and social situation. The Maroni, the guiding thread of my tale, becomes the vector of my rage, sadness, questions and hope.

Tënk's opinion

Through the veil of mist or the immaculate white of the overexposed images, director Christophe Yanouwana Pierre (a name composed of his Guianese citizen’s name Christophe Pierre and his Amerindian name Yanouwana) takes us to his homeland on a hypnotic inner journey. First and foremost, it’s the journey of dual bereavement as he mourns his father and daughter, events that brought him back to his Amerindian culture that, until then, he knew little about. When he films the Kali’ni rites organised with his family for his father’s death, he records an ancestral practice as an anthropologist would, as he constructs a new political identity and films a sequence of his first movie. The languor of his voice-over, like that of the shots of the Maroni River, is pregnant with sadness at the loss of his loved ones and a bitter weariness about the ongoing colonialist violence.  But it also indicates his recently discovered and cherished inwardness, to which he clings so as to move forward, camera in hand… 

Lysa Heurtier Manzanares

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