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France, 2012

Original music : Alessandro Librio Production : Independencia

Programmed by Anouk Cohen





The film sets off to meet actors in the political world of Corbeil-Essonnes, a suburb of Paris – candidates, political activists and residents, in the public space. It follows them in their debates and sheds light on a certain state of democracy, the national political situation and a society in crisis – the housing crisis, local businesses in crisis, the disaffected youth and discredited politicians. Serge Dassault is at the heart of all the debates and conversations. Despite being ineligible to stand, everyone knows that it’s he who’ll be elected or beaten at the polls.

Tënk's opinion

This film takes a close look at the power of money in a city overwhelmed by social poverty. Or perhaps its democracy, with promises of jobs, of building permission, or the construction of insalubrious accommodation offered by the millionaire mayor, the industrial giant Serge Dassault… We quickly come to realise that his political opponents vying for the position of mayor are no match for Dassault’s financial investment capacity. A film that’s still extremely topical…

Anouk Cohen and Isabelle Foucher
For the French Social Center Federation

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