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France, 1976

Production : Les Muses s'amusent

Programmed by Nicole Fernández Ferrer





The feminist video collective Les Insoumuses dissects and responds point by point in a humorous way to Bernard Pivot’s special program with Françoise Giroud, Secretary of State for the Status of Women. “On December 30th 1975, after watching Bernard Pivot’s programme on Antenne 2 entitled 'One more day and the year of the woman, phew! It’ll be over.”, we felt the immense need to express our point of view, to respond…" A real political hijacking. A humorous hacking and a manifesto for feminist video.

Tënk's opinion

"Maso an Miso go boating" is one of the most emblematic productions of Les Insoumuses collective and one of Simone de Beauvoir Centre's most widely distributed films in France and around the world. In reaction to the complacency of the Secretary of State for the Status of Women towards Bernard Pivot's "fieffés misos" guests, it is a biting and argumentative response by four radical feminists who spot, dismantle and counter these flagrant offenses of sexism.
"No image of television can embody us, it is with video that we will tell ourselves," they chant in the film.
The film was shown at the independent Parisian cinema L'Entrepôt in 1976, despite attempts by Françoise Giroud to prevent it from being shown. It is also widely distributed among feminist groups of the time.




Nicole Fernández Ferrer
General Delegate of the Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir
with the help of Anne-Laure Berteau




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