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France, 2019

Original music : Stéphane Berrard, François Marcelly Production : Baldanders Films

Programmed by Jean-Sébastien Chauvin





A place is reconstructed from footage from webcams set up along the edge of the Mediterranean Basin by tourist offices, surfers’ associations, weather services and individuals, inviting questions, melancholy and an inner journey.

Tënk's opinion

The informal network of CCTV images available on the internet offers a vision of the area that’s distant, abstract and with a hint of concentration camps, where human beings are reduced to the occasional shadowy figure – the bright colours of the beaches and theme parks make them look almost like Lego figures. Chapoulie mischievously injects life into the inner workings with the help of the voiceover of a child who comments on the shots one by one with candour, through sounds amplified with details à la Jacques Tati, making us mentally zoom in on the image (a running tap, a post moving in the wind). But above all, he manages to give depth to these distant, blurry images through the voice of Nathalie Quintane who draws from history, geography and the saga she wrote, to flesh out these places, putting them back into a family tree.

Jean-Sébastien Chauvin
Film critic and director

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