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Brazil, 2018

Production : Nereu Afonso da Silva

Programmed by Anouk Cohen


French, English



Calais, 2007. Valentin is taking his final exams, his time spent between school, visiting his mother in hospital and helping refugees.

Tënk's opinion

The Brazilian election campaign exacerbated divisions, as happens each time populist candidates find themselves in the limelight. In a climate of economic crisis and widespread distrust of the political elite because of the corruption scandals tainting the left (the Workers’ Party), Jaïr Bolsonaro, the far-right candidate, is riding the wave of resentment and controversial posturing, developing a marked anti-communism and creating an image of personal integrity. On the day of the second round of voting, the director is looking out of his window and captures with dread the atmosphere of an unprecedented election. This film is a punch in the gut, showing in 8 minutes how collective history interweaves with the personal history of each and every one of us, awakening the old demons of countries that stigmatise a section of their population.

Anouk Cohen and Isabelle Foucher
For the French Social Center Federation

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