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France, Ireland, 2014

Original music : Guillaume Beauron Production : Lugh films, Idée originale, South Wind

Programmed by Anouk Cohen





John O’Brien, a fisherman from the small island of Inis Bo Finne in Ireland did not know he would embark on a long crusade when he initiated with an insular group, a European campaign to regain their ancestors right to fish. How could he have measured the magnitude of the task? Filmed over 8 years, the film tells how this man put himself, as “David against Goliath”, in the heart of the new reform of the Common Fisheries in Brussels to try to understand and change the system that took everything from him. This is the story of a man, the story of a community, a country and all Europe.

Tënk's opinion

This film takes us to a small island off Ireland where you’re a fisherman from generation to generation. This lifestyle is gradually being threatened by new European regulations that disrupt species’ natural renewal and encourage mass fishing by large trawlers. So from now on, John is fighting to assert the simple right of local communities to live from their resources and traditional lifestyles. We follow his long journey, his encounters, his hopes and disappointments through to his face-to-face confrontation with the European lobbies and institutions. An insight into the life of this humble but tenacious man who, between optimism and setbacks, never loses faith in his just cause and his community.

Anouk Cohen and Isabelle Foucher
For the French Social Center Federation

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