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Switzerland, 1980

Production : Videoladen VZ

Programmed by Federico Rossin





Documentary about the Zurich youth riots of 1980. Street battles, nude demos, punk music, lived autonomy: The Zurich movement freed itself from the constraints of puritanical Zurich.

Tënk's opinion

A video essay of stunning visual beauty and irresistible anarchic insolence, overflowing with rhythmic energy: a multi-layered work that, blending philosophical reflection (Adorno and Debord), punk anger and pop culture (Godzilla!), evocatively recounts the 18 months of youth protest in Zurich that began in the summer of 1980. Produced by the movement’s protagonists themselves, “Züri Brännt” is both a pamphlet resolutely heir to Soviet cinema and a “heat-of-the-moment” account from a generation of new media-savvy political activists with lightweight cameras to hand. Images of street clashes and demonstrations and sequences of experiments in self-governance and mediatised sabotage alternate with a prophetic and astoundingly contemporary and relevant reflection of late capitalist society that’s still around today…

Federico Rossin
Cinema historian, independent programmer

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