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Spain, 2013

Production : Encanta films, Elamedia

Programmed by Pauline David


French, English



A group of youngsters drink and dance in a house. The atmosphere is festive and happy. The socialist victory in the 1982 general election has just been announced. The atmosphere of the night is euphoric and the attempted coup d’état of 1981 seems long ago. For, in 1982, all Spain is looking to the future. However, a fast-approaching black hole devours everything in its tracks.

Tënk's opinion

Party time. After two years of pandemic and collective opportunities at half-mast, we won’t miss this opportunity to indulge. From the very first minutes, this film sings to us, and change asserts itself, ¡ Hay que cambiar ! It’s high time crises became a thing of the past, and that we celebrate progress, solidarity, democracy… and the arrival of the socialists in power. A journey back in time, of which only cinema holds the secret. The film director Luis Lopez Carrasco and his colleagues Brays Efe and Luis E. Parés bring back the Movida years over this memorable celebration, accompanied by a merry electro-pop playlist. The music is loud and we pain to hear the dialogue. But that is of no real importance for the 16mm camera takes us through this page in history and offers us a taste of euphoria. Without excessively playing on illusion, the camera begins to tremble, the shots are not as sharp, scratches and burns marks appear on the reel, in a salutary withdrawal that reiterates the document’s metaphoric dimension. Yet, the hangover experienced by many Spaniards, when awakened to the 2010 crisis, was very real.

Pauline David
Programmer, director of Festival En Ville ! (Bruxelles - BEL)

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