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France, 2020

Original music : Astrid Sepulchre Production : TVR Rennes 35 Bretagne, TébéSud, Tébéo - Télévision Bretagne Ouest, Abordage Films

Programmed by Alizée Mandereau





In Saint-Nazaire, a city with a hand-to-mouth economy, people from very different walks of life have donned the bright yellow high-vis jackets that came to symbolise an unexpected revolution in the winter of 2018. For five months, they occupied an abandoned sub-prefecture where they experienced the power of collective action with, at times, its deadlocks, as well as the joy of rediscovered brother-and sisterhood in a movement fuelled by anger.

Tënk's opinion

Something’s going on, we should be there.
It seems that it’s the same movement that spurs Kyllian and Esperanza to join the others on the roundabouts, and Arthur and François to film Saint-Nazaire’s community centre. For the seasoned union campaigner and the teenager who’s fed up with all the difficulties, the Yellow Jacket movement has reshuffled the cards of activism.
The directors remind us in images that living and struggling with others is a learning process, and that the Yellow Jackets have restored a very tangible dimension to the tired notion of living together.
From the rumblings of revolt to political education, the film’s strength lies in its portrayal of the journey of this community that forms, transforming the people who are part of it. And like Kylian, we feel that whatever happens now, all is not lost.

Alizée Mandereau
Tënk's Head of production

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