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France,Italy, 2019

Original music : Andrea Pesce, Cristiano Defabriitis Production : Magnéto Presse, CDV Casa delle Visioni, Rai Cinema, Arte France

Programmed by Pauline David





Using an iPhone, Alessandro and his best friend Pietro film their lives in Traiano, a neighbourhood in Naples controlled by the local mafia and known for its drug trafficking. The two young men relate their friendship and also the story of their friend Davide, who was killed by a policeman. Davide was sixteen, the age they are today.

Tënk's opinion

The guy tells them the 375.Magnum is top of the range in handguns. It freaks them out a bit, but Pietro wants to keep this scene – if you edit out all the bad stuff, it’s not really a documentary anymore. This sets the tone for a meta-film that takes the viewer on a playful tour of continual cinematic writing and reflection, of doing it and watching it. The starting point for these images is a pact made between director Agostino Ferrante and two ragazzi from this Neapolitan neighbourhood to tell their stories in selfies. It’s a way of giving a voice to a community laid low by the death on the street of Davide, one of their own – a community whose voice is rarely heard outside of their territory. Alessandro and Pietro soon cut themselves loose from this proposal: it’s their film and they take it in turns upping the ante with their dramatic ideas and staging, hurling emotion at the screen in an irrepressible whirlwind of life that’s watching us.

Pauline David
Festival En Ville ! (Bruxelles - BEL)

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