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France, 2018

Production : La Maison du Directeur

Programmed by Line Peyron





“Bilal the street artist and Antoine the filmmaker set out together in an old 70s truck on a journey that lasted several months and took them to the outer reaches of Siberia. Part road-movie, part documentary, the film uses drawings and video to recount this improvised artistic road-trip – from the Carpathians to the ship graveyard of the Aral Sea, from Odessa to Vladivostok – with its share of breakdowns and encounters with local people.”

Tënk's opinion

"What if we took a break? What if we took ourselves off, far away from everyday life, taking the time to explore a different way getting to know someone? This is the premise of these two artists who, by undertaking this road-trip, its constraints and vagaries, discover another way of seeing.
With a huge sense of freedom, we hitch a ride with them and their dreams and their mild madness, witnesses to the meeting of their hopes and wishes. Their individual artistic languages cross paths and create a hybrid form that gives us a very privileged access to the sensitive perception of their experience. By the end of the movie, we have an overwhelming desire to be “On the road again”!"

Line Peyron

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